RX Meal Kits

The best nutrition is the right nutrition.

Excelev8’s RX Meal Kits will help power your performance. Use our provided BMR calculator to determine your basal metabolic rate, then use that information to pick the RX meal plan that is right for your needs. It’s that simple!

Rx Meal Plans are created to provide you with the ideal caloric intake, and they come with the same great macros that you’ve come to expect from Excelev8. Whether you’re looking to bulk up or cut weight, it’s easy to find the right meal plan for your needs.

BMR Calculator

Supplement Your Rx Meal Kit

The Vertical Diet Meal Prep is intended to help you achieve and maintain the required caloric intake to meet your goals.  

Meal prepping has been shown in numerous studies to be one of the most effective methods for diet compliance and here at The Vertical Diet, we believe that “Compliance is the Science”. 

While our meal prep offerings provide you the majority of your nutritional needs for a well-balanced diet, there are a few additional food recommendations we suggest you add to your meal plan to optimize results. 

Including the recommended foods will, on average, add approximately 300 calories to your daily calorie intake.

  • Daily Raw Carrot

    (A few baby carrots with a couple of meals daily or a shaved carrot in a low-calorie salad).  Carrots are a low FODMAP fiber source and naringenin which can help decrease endotoxins | serotonin and estrogen levels | and increase gut health. 

  • Pure Cranberry Juice or Iodized Salt

    Iodine is important for proper thyroid function, immune system, and digestion.  2oz of Pure Cranberry Juice provides 200% of the daily RDA for iodine.  

  • Juicy Fruit

    Fruit provides potassium and fiber as well as vitamins and minerals.  Oranges in particular are a high satiety food that can help curb your appetite.  Low FODMAP fruits include blueberries, raspberries, oranges, strawberries, and melons. 

  • Dairy for Calcium

    Calcium from dairy is important for bone health as well as nerve signaling and muscle contraction.  Any low-fat dairy will do since adequate fats for health are included in the Vertical Meals. Fat-Free Greek Yogurt is best tolerated by most people and has the added benefits that probiotics offer.  3 cups of Greek yogurt provides the RDA of 1,000mg of calcium.  Adding additional spinach and almonds to your diet in place of some of the yogurt will allow your to obtain the necessary RDA of calcium.